The Next Generation Of Green; Can Technology & Natural Co-exist?

Has the beauty industry made any strides since the first Earth Day in 1970?


Based on the growing number of clean, green and organic beauty companies on the market you would think the answer is yes. And you’d actually be correct! There were a few that began years ago during the beginning days of the “organic movement” but many are just mere shadows of their original formulations — having been bought out by a larger corporation or unable to hold market share through the recession.

Most of the brands we know and love today have been created in the last 5-6 years because plant technology has literally “blossomed” and the recent advances in green chemistry has allowed us to create safer synthetic and non-toxic ingredients that have the feeling and sensation of their chemical counterparts. This is in-part due to consumer demand for high-quality and safe ingredients!

We know that true beauty comes from within, but yet we still want to doll ourselves up and look the part. We love the colors, the luxury, the glamour, that makeup and polish and perfume give us, but yet we’ve found out how toxic some of the ingredients in these products can be. We don’t want to give up our fancy tools, yet we want to be heathy, use safe products and not compromise our values in order to do so.


Many of us had a health crisis in order to figure this out but because of it, we’ve been able to pave the way for the next generation of green.


We can now make cleansing agents that lather without harmful formaldehydes. And skin and hair smoothers that act like silicones but are made from the hearty cabbage family — instead of plastics and petroleum based by-products. We’re finding natural ways to make formulas shelf stable and free from bacteria so they don’t have to sit in the fridge next to the ketchup and mustard anymore. And the best part about these technological advances?


The formulas actually perform.


We may say we don’t care about lather, or we may wash our hair less often to reduce our exposure, but if given the choice and the ingredients were safe and healthy, wouldn’t we choose a rich, creamy lather over none at all? And wouldn’t we prefer to have clean, shiny hair instead of always throwing on a hat because our hair is dirty?

We’ve also moved forward with beautiful design and packaging. No longer do your products need to look like they were printed with an ink-jet printer in the basement — but they can be proudly displayed on your countertops and bathrooms with simple, gorgeous labels.

We’re been shown to believe that being a natural beauty means wearing Birkenstocks and burlap bags and giving up all the goopy things we love, but that’s simply not the case anymore.


Technology has changed, chemistry has changed, we’ve been demanding healthier ingredients for our beauty choices and our voices have been heard.


We no longer need to feel as if we are depriving ourselves in an attempt to live a green and healthy lifestyle. We can have lather, shine, and pink polished toenails and know we’re supporting our bodies and the environment while doing so.

Green has not just become cool, it’s become fashionable. And if it takes fashion and design to make green mainstream, then we’re all for it.


Happy Earth Month 2016! Want to volunteer in your city? Click here!