Nervous To Try New Haircare? Me Too!

trying new hair care ahnesti

Ask me if I’d rather try new haircare or visit the dentist.

Dentist.  Please don’t make me try new haircare.


Trying a new organic lotion- easy. Testing out a new pair of shoes- fun! Taking a stab at a new recipe- adventure!  Try new haircare products…not so much.

Experimenting with new haircare products is a lot like trying out the latest lip stain color- once you’ve started there’s no easy way of going back.  If you don’t like the result of a new product, it’s likely you don’t have the time to head back to the shower to start over. Call me vain but I just hate bad hair days so I never want to try new haircare.  There’s a catch- it’s my job, I have to.


Why trying new haircare can be nerve-wracking

Trying a new haircare product has ended in so many bad ways for me. Here’s what has happened:

Strip color.  Harsh, cheap surfactants can run your color right down the drain. Avoid sulfates!  Natural shampoos can strip as well- it’s usually a pH imbalance.

Skin irritations.  Fragrance, dyes, sulfates… just to name a few culprits.

Frizz & Breakage.  My color treated hair needs tender loving care.  Silicones, sulfates  dehydrated hair are to blame for the breakage and wild frizz!  STATIC TOO!  yuk.

Greasy/Oily.   I find this a lot in “natural” brands.  Their formulas are great but they get heavy and greasy feeling thanks to the oils in their natural form.


Why trying AHNESTI won't be nerve-wracking

When trying new haircare, you can try AHNESTI with a successful result.  Remember my concerns above…. see what AHNESTI’s results were!

Strip color? Nope!  It’s color-safe! AHNESTI uses Coco & Decyl Glucoside as it’s cleansing agent which is color safe & replaces harsh sulfates.

Skin irritation?  Nothing to irritate you here, this line is perfect for us sensitive-skinned kind.  No fragrances, dyes, or sulfates!

Frizzy?  Rice Extract is used in the lineup as a humectant, it helps hair retain it’s moisture and prevents fly-aways.  I use AUTHORITI Whipped Paste, too, to tame those baby-fine hairs.

Breakage?  Safe here! Utiliti Styling Gel is proven to reduce breakage by 75%.

Heavy?  Although Integriti is more moisturizing than puriti, it still isn’t heavy and doesn’t weight down the hair.

Greasy/oily?  Not at all- there aren’t any shine or synthetic silicone ingredients so it keeps your hair light as a feather.


Next time you’re tempted to try new haircare products, turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients.  If you do some homework, you’ll be able to know the results before you even attempt it.

I’ll stick with AHNESTI and the dentist.