Green Travel Destinations For Your Summer Vacay.

GreenTravel: What Is It and Where to Go?

For those of us that travel, we leave a carbon footprint in our wake.  It’s hard to avoid.  Carbon Emissions from airplanes, wasted gallons of water at hotels, drinking endless amounts of bottled water, all contribute to small blemishes on Mother Earth.

Green Travel is a growing trend that is turning into a lifestyle choice.  According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, almost two-thirds of traveler’s plan to make more environmentally sound choices over the next year.  The survey noted that travelers are conscious of turning off the lights, reusing linens, and recycling while they are visiting a hotel, but there is much more that to look for when choosing to take an environmentally friendly vacay.

Some of our favorite places to check-in and check-out are:



Con Dao, Vietnam

What’s Eco-Friendly About It? The building materials come from sustainable resources, the structure maximizes air flow to reduce the need for air conditioning and the staff has a passionate commitment to social responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint.


Six Senses Resort — Con Dao, Vietnam



St. George’s, Grenada

What’s Eco-Friendly About It? The resort maintains energy-efficient practices like recycling, replants trees, and participates in community clean-ups.  They also educate their employees about conservation.


Spice Island Beach Resort — St. George’s, Grenada



Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Hotel Punta Islita’s dedication to protecting the environment has earned it awards from the Costa Rican government’s Sustainable Tourism department, and the staff regularly engages in reforestation initiatives and wildlife conservation.


Hotel Punta Islita — Guanacaste, Costa Rica

And don’t forget to bring your own eco-friendly habits with you when you enjoy these beautiful locations! Many lotions, sunscreens and hair care  formulas are full of chemicals and toxins that are harmful to aquatic life and coral reefs, so make sure you are bringing along biodegradable and safe-for-the-environment products like AHNESTI Haircare!

Not sure where you want to go just yet? Check out Travganic , a vacation booking company that focuses on “Greening your Vacation”