Easy Ways To Get Beautiful Hair For Days; Without Shampooing

beautiful hair for days

Get Beautiful Hair For Days without looking like a hot mess!




Getting (and keeping) beautiful hair for days can be easy if you can start with a strong, clean foundation.  Start day 1 off on the right path by using a “clean” shampoo.  What’s “clean”?  Use shampoos & that don’t have any conditioning agents, acrylate polymers or silicones (i.e; dimethicone, cyclopentisiloxane), they only attract more dirt & oil to the hair.

Try Puriti Shampoo which is light-as-a-feather and won’t weight the hair down on day 2, 3 or 4.



As mentioned above, avoiding silicones in your conditioning and styling products will help in your beautiful-hair-for-days endeavor.  Silicones add a light coating to the hair that builds up with repeated use. This creates static, attracts dirt and makes hair incredibly slippery which forces you to touch it more, causing more dirt and oil to attach.

Sometimes it’s difficult deciphering which ingredients listed are silicones, watch out for these common names: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Amodimethicone, Cyclomethicone, and Cyclopentasiloxane.




Day 2: you wake up it looks like bedhead won.  This step is simple.  Most instincts would point to your common dry shampoo but there’s 2 reasons we won’t go there:

  1. You avoided silicones & acrylate polymers (step 1) which means you won’t need to soak up the oils with powder — the main ingredient in dry shampoos.
  2. If you use the dry shampoo adding powder to the equation, you’ve defeated the point of a clean foundation by covering up the dirt & oils, not eliminating them. Day 2 hair will only get worse throughout the day.

Instead try Eterniti Hair & Scalp Refresher to reset your bedhead, keep calm & carry on – beautiful hair for days remember?!  Simply spritz your bedhead, use a towel to refresh any areas of need and on with your day! Eterniti has anti-bacterial qualities and cleansing capabilities — a win-win!



Once you’ve got your style set, don’t touch it!  Playing with your hair, always adjusting your bangs, switching from ponytail to free-flowing, tucking behind your ears — all of these contribute to increasing dirt and oil production and by now you know why this isn’t good.  Getting beautiful-hair-for-days, especially day 3+, will be difficult if you can’t keep your hands off your hair.

Try using some bobbypins or a head band to keep it from tempting you.  We love this hair accessory from ApseAdorn.


Beautiful-Hair-For-Days is possible with the right foundation, the right styling products and the right plan of action.  Save yourself time, energy, water & more with these tips!