Dear Friends of AHNESTI,

I want to offer my sincere appreciation for you and your continued business throughout the years. After much consideration, I have made the decision to close down the company.

I’m sure it’s apparent to you that health & wellness are an upmost priority...[read more]

AHNESTI [pronounced honesty] is a toxin-free, organic-based hair care line that follows EU standards for Cosmetic Safety - yet performs at the salon level.

Created by a former stylist, salon owner and wife of a three-time cancer hero, AHNESTI embodies the green indie-beauty movement, offering conscious-beauty consumers a refreshing, more-thoughtful alternative to toxic hair care brands.

Let's be honest. We could be as 'green' as the day is long but the bottom line is — we wan't our hair to look good and natural shampoos have a history of low-performance.

Color Protection  |  Heat Protection  |  Shine 

Just a few of the high-performing acts we provide.

Are you a label reader? Concerned about what's in the products you purchase? A little overwhelmed?

Inhale :: Exhale

We hear you.

It's amazing that we can take plants—instead of toxic chemicals—and spin magic so we can look beautiful everyday. 

High Integrity  |  High Performing 

We think being healthy is cool.